Committed to Safety and Security

TigerSwan is a new type of consultancy. We are uniquely qualified to address the full spectrum security challenges on a global scale – from your most critical corporate assets to families on vacation, executives on business abroad, a high profile public individual touring the globe, or government contractors promoting American interests in foreign countries.


Upholding International Best Practices

TigerSwan is committed to rigorous compliance standards and upholding the highest level of governance wherever our operations take us.

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A Modern Consultancy for Modern Global Risk Mitigation

TigerSwan is a full spectrum, global risk management and mitigation consultancy that combines advanced technologies with real world experience to deliver a broad range of personnel, intellectual, and physical security solutions to protect the modern enterprise.

In the face of rapidly changing and increasingly uncertain global conditions, TigerSwan delivers clear and actionable insights to address the most critical security challenges to manage and protect the operations, reputation, and financial stability of the most recognized brands in global industry.

Our force-ready experience and worldwide capacity for rapid response and deployment enables us to align people, processes, and policies to protect and secure your most critical assets from the threat of both natural and man-made disaster, dispersed among the most culturally dynamic and politically charged places on earth.

A history of valor and a mission for global stability

The terror attacks of 9/11 fundamentally altered the landscape of global threat. The world has changed; the new normal is constant exposure to uncertainty and risk. Founded in 2007 by retired members of the United States Delta Force, TigerSwan is a company with a unique and personal understanding of today’s global risk environment. TigerSwan is a company dedicated to maintaining Peace of Mind for those operating across the globe. Our collective experience in combat leadership, law enforcement, military intelligence, and asymmetric risk mitigation informs and underpins our ability to optimize operational safety and organizational stability. We live by our mantras: to provide Solutions to Uncertainty and Brilliance in the Basics.

TigerSwan is headquartered in Apex, North Carolina, just five miles southwest of Raleigh. TigerSwan maintains additional regional offices in the Middle East, North Africa, West Africa, India, Latin America, and Asia.

Team TigerSwan

Meet the TigerSwan Team

Learn more about the TigerSwan team, Our team includes members from every branch of the United States Armed Forces and many Federal intelligence agencies.

Work with us

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What We Protect

For Enterprise

TigerSwan provides the contextual awareness, executive visibility, and actionable intelligence required to more effectively anticipate, manage, and mitigate risk.

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For Families

As the nature of global threats evolve, TigerSwan’s GuardianAngel is prepared to keep you and your family members out of harm’s way – protecting what matters most no matter where you are.

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For Private

Doing your job requires lots of public exposure and interaction, leaving you vulnerable to personal safety risks. Protect yourself, your team, your reputation, and your brand.

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For Government

TigerSwan is a full spectrum global risk management and mitigation consultancy trusted by government agencies to fulfill their mission from every corner of the globe.

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TigerSwan's Services

GuardianAngel Platform

Our GuardianAngel visual analytics platform provides a broad range of services dedicated to maintaining the operational safety and stability of your mission – no matter where opportunity leads you.

Protective Services

TigerSwan is prepared to meet the most critical security challenges facing the modern enterprise. Our worldwide capacity to protect and secure your physical assets will mitigate risk and optimize operational safety.

Construction Services

TigerSwan Construction provides a full range of customer-oriented services, executed by experts with extensive experience in design-bid-build operations, project management, and operations & maintenance.

GuardianAngel Mobile App

Download the GuardianAngel app to access a 24/7 global safety net. Whether you are at home, out of town on business domestically or internationally, or traveling the world with your family, TigerSwan’s GuardianAngel service is there for your Peace of Mind.