Protective Services for Global Risk Management

TigerSwan is prepared to meet the most critical security challenges facing the modern enterprise. Our worldwide capacity to protect and secure your physical assets will mitigate risk and optimize operational safety.

Security Services to meet the demands of any organization

In the face of rapidly changing and increasingly uncertain global conditions, you need to know that your critical infrastructure and valued personnel are protected and secure – anywhere in the world.

Expanding your business internationally exposes your assets to unfamiliar, culturally dynamic environments that require a comprehensive and intelligent security solution. TigerSwan’s force-ready experience and worldwide capacity is prepared to monitor, protect, and secure your assets with mobile and fixed-site security and rapid response and deployment.

GuardianAngel technology paired with military-grade security

Our GuardianAngel platform was conceived and architected based on years of experience in global combat leadership, law enforcement, military intelligence, and asymmetric threat mitigation. Supported by our Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), our Security Personnel aggregate risk management into a single, consolidated operational view. The actionable intelligence provided by GuardianAngel allows our expert security personnel to focus on maintaining the physical safety and security of your assets.

Physical, on-the-ground security services by TigerSwan are customizable to address the needs of governments, multinational corporation, non-governmental organizations, the entertainment industry, and prominent individuals.

We are capable of providing mobile and fixed-site security; K9 security support; Secure Executive Lodging in Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Libya; Airport Security Services and personal security details. Regardless of your needs, our services are supported by our GuardianAngel technology, providing you Peace of Mind – no matter what.

Combining advanced security technologies with our force-ready experience results in TigerSwan’s unique ability to anticipate, manage, and mitigate risk anywhere in the world. When the security of your critical infrastructure and personnel is at stake, there is no do over.

Executive Travel Safety

Secure Executive Housing and Life Support

Employees and executives need safe, secure and comfortable accommodations when traveling to emerging markets. TigerSwan’s Secure Housing and Life Support solutions allow clients to live and work in secure environments.

Aviation Security

Airport Screening, Security, Intelligence, and Advisory

TigerSwan’s Aviation Security team brings an unparalleled depth of on-the-ground experience and unrivaled leadership in the field of aviation security and management. We specialize in providing uniformed security services executed by well-trained and qualified security officers who perform their duties in an efficient and professional manner.

Preventative Security

Facility and Cyber Security Support

TigerSwan’s safety and security consultants perform penetration assessments to advise and improve upon your existing security protocols. We seek to enhance your total safety and security program across the spectrum of living and working environments.


TigerSwan’s GuardianAngel is a travel security and operations management platform that enables you to secure your assets and conduct business anywhere in the world. Simply put, GuardianAngel allows you to cultivate valuable opportunities and participate in the global community without putting your reputation, your business, or your life at risk.


Global Development


Mobile and Fixed Site Security

TigerSwan security services enable businesses and NGOs to conduct business with confidence.


Capacity Building in Developing Nations

TigerSwan ensures that organizations with humanitarian missions in dangerous environments receive duty of care and supply chain logistics security and support.