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'"All technology companies" face espionage'

The news headlines are full of examples of these risks becoming realities, and here in the Research Triangle Region, two headline-making events have occurred under the cyberthreat category, involving the theft of intellectual property and possible espionage.

August 8, 2018Espionage, Political Risk, Risk Management, Situational Awareness

TigerSwan Supports Water Monitoring Activity in Iraq

TigerSwan Iraq supports a team implementing an integrated water quality monitoring system in Iraq.

July 31, 2018Critical Infrastructure, Iraq, Risk Management, Safety and Security

Extreme Heat: How to Stay Safe in a Heat Wave

As the summer months heat up, we offer tips on how to stay prepared for extreme heat events. From being able to identify heat-related illness to maintaining heightened preparedness through our GuardianAngel App, there is no reason not to be prepared for the inevitable summer heat wave.

July 12, 2018Extreme Heat, GuardianAngel, Risk Management

Political Risk Management for 21st-Century Business

Political risk has changed. Cold War rivalries have given way to new geopolitical realities. The tech revolution created a digital-first business mentality that brings its own risk. Longer, leaner supply chains are vulnerable to state and non-state actors alike. The new global economy needs a 21st-century framework for risk management.

June 26, 2018GuardianAngel, Political Risk, Risk Management

4 Essential Capabilities of TigerSwan's GSOC

The technology that powers the GSOC and the Watch Officers that monitor the constant stream of information provide TigerSwan a worldwide capacity for assessing global events as they unfold, addressing critical security challenges of key assets, and managing the safety and integrity of operations across industries and geographies.

May 7, 2018GSOC, Risk Management, Situational Awareness

Duty of Care: Universities Maintain ‘Special Relationship’ with Students

California's Supreme Court has ruled that universities maintain a "special relationship" with students: they must uphold duty of care obligations. How will California's ruling affect universities around the country? How should college campuses begin to think about the future of student protection?

April 16, 2018Duty of Care, Emergency Management, Risk Management

How Does the State Department's Overhaul of the Travel Warning System Impact Travelers?

GuardianAngel is a comprehensive Travel Risk Management solution that bring together pre-travel analysis, support during the journey, and global response capabilities in the event an emergency arises.

January 11, 2018Duty of Care, GSOC, GuardianAngel, International Travel, Risk Management, Safety and Security, Travel Risk Management

Rapid Determination of Personnel Safety after Terrorist Bombing

Immediately following a suicide bombing in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, our client was able to immediately account for personnel in-country. Through GuardianAngel, the Real-Time Integrated Situational Awareness Platform, managers were able to identify personnel in proximity to the bombing, confirm their well-being, direct them to a secure hold location and provide a comprehensive update to the U.S. Embassy and all before being asked to conduct an accountability report by Embassy staff.

January 10, 2018Emergency Response, Global Stability, GuardianAngel, International Travel, Monitoring and Evaluation, Risk Management, Safety and Security, Situational Awareness