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TigerSwan Supporting U.S. Chamber of Commerce Business Mission to Iraq

TigerSwan is the official provider of security and support services for U.S. business delegation traveling to Iraq.

October 17, 2018Duty of Care, Event Security, Group Travel, GuardianAngel, International Travel, Iraq, Safety and Security, Travel Risk Management

Unrest in Haiti and Travel Risk Management for Groups Abroad

Political unrest in Haiti left numerous American volunteer groups stranded on the Caribbean island nation, as blocked roads and canceled flights prevented them from returning home. The events highlight the need for groups traveling abroad to maintain enhanced situational awareness of political risks through travel risk management tools, like GuardianAngel.

July 20, 2018Group Travel, GuardianAngel, International Travel, Political Risk, Travel Risk Management

Extreme Heat: How to Stay Safe in a Heat Wave

As the summer months heat up, we offer tips on how to stay prepared for extreme heat events. From being able to identify heat-related illness to maintaining heightened preparedness through our GuardianAngel App, there is no reason not to be prepared for the inevitable summer heat wave.

July 12, 2018Extreme Heat, GuardianAngel, Risk Management

Political Risk Management for 21st-Century Business

Political risk has changed. Cold War rivalries have given way to new geopolitical realities. The tech revolution created a digital-first business mentality that brings its own risk. Longer, leaner supply chains are vulnerable to state and non-state actors alike. The new global economy needs a 21st-century framework for risk management.

June 26, 2018GuardianAngel, Political Risk, Risk Management

Enhanced Situational Awareness on Campus

We outline a two phase plan for implementing GuardianAngel, an Enhanced Situational Awareness (ESA) platform, on campuses across the country. Especially effective in active assailant events and other campus lockdown situations, our GuardianAngel platform was built upon our company’s decades of collective experience in critical incident response and mitigation.

April 27, 2018Duty of Care, GuardianAngel, Situational Awareness

Emergency Response: Travel Advisories, A Wedding in Mexico, and an Earthquake

Blake was worried about Mexico's Travel Advisory threat level before her trip for a friend's wedding, so she traveled with GuardianAngel. When an earthquake struck Mexico, she was grateful for the information the App provided.

April 19, 2018Disaster Response, GSOC, GuardianAngel

Travel Restrictions and Staying Safe Abroad

Recent violence near popular Mexican resort towns in the state of Quintana Roo prompted the US Embassy to raise then subsequently lower travel advisories for American citizens. As risks to your safety are still real while abroad, consider traveling with a risk management tool designed for the 21st century.

March 29, 2018GuardianAngel, International Travel, Safety and Security

Global CEOs Report Anxiety About Terrorism

According to a recent survey by PwC, CEOs from around the globe and across industries report 'extreme concern' for broader societal threats, such as geopolitical uncertainty and terrorism. How can travel risk management solutions help provide Peace of Mind?

March 21, 2018Duty of Care, GuardianAngel, International Travel, Travel Risk Management