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TigerSwan: Providing Solutions in An Uncertain World

As most political and security experts can attest, the growing number of threats around the world are leading many governments and businesses to take extraordinary measures in an effort to stave off the possibility of a terrorist attack or other catastrophic event.

December 12, 2019Disaster Response, Duty of Care, Emergency Management, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Response, Event Security, Safety and Security

The Shortcomings of 9-1-1 and How to Achieve Peace of Mind

Limitations with 911 technology mean that operators may not know your precise location when you call. We examine how 20th-century 911 technology has failed to evolve to our mobile-first, digital society, leaving gaps in safety and security. We demonstrate how GuardianAngel can provide additional Peace of Mind for you and your family.

June 19, 2018Emergency Preparedness, Guardian Angel

How to Prepare for the 2018 Hurricane Season

The Atlantic Hurricane Season began on June 1st. With the goal of enhancing situational awareness and fostering better emergency preparedness, we offer our risk management expertise in the area of disaster situations in our first ever TigerSwan Talk. This blog elaborates on the points made in our video and offers safety recommendations specifically with the Atlantic hurricane season in mind, but disaster preparedness procedures are readily adaptable to many emergency situations.

June 13, 2018Emergency Preparedness, Hurricane Preparedness, Natural Disaster, TigerSwan Talks