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TigerSwan: Providing Solutions in An Uncertain World

As most political and security experts can attest, the growing number of threats around the world are leading many governments and businesses to take extraordinary measures in an effort to stave off the possibility of a terrorist attack or other catastrophic event.

December 12, 2019Disaster Response, Duty of Care, Emergency Management, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Response, Event Security, Safety and Security

Emergency Response: Travel Advisories, A Wedding in Mexico, and an Earthquake

Blake was worried about Mexico's Travel Advisory threat level before her trip for a friend's wedding, so she traveled with GuardianAngel. When an earthquake struck Mexico, she was grateful for the information the App provided.

April 19, 2018Disaster Response, GSOC, GuardianAngel

Bag-gate: Managing an Emergency within an Emergency

What happens when a key asset goes missing during an emergency response mission with Million Air in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria? We tell the story of "bag-gate", an example of GuardianAngel's asset tracking capability successfully leading to the recovery of a key mission asset.

February 12, 2018Asset Tracking, Disaster Response, GuardianAngel

Emergency Response to Hurricane Matthew in 2016

TigerSwan joined North Carolina Emergency Management to respond to Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. Our GuardianAngel Platform provided important situational awareness to first responder teams performing rescues on the ground.

February 8, 2018Disaster Response, Emergency Management, Emergency Response, GuardianAngel, Situational Awareness

2017's Natural Disasters: TigerSwan Emergency Response to Hurricanes

TigerSwan's swift and robust response to both Hurricane Harvey in Houston and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico demonstrated the company's ability to provide experienced coordination and management of relief efforts during emergency situations.

February 1, 2018Disaster Response, Duty of Care, Emergency Response, GuardianAngel

Apex team lets relatives know loved ones are safe in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

TigerSwan search and rescue operations in Puerto Rico reconnected loved ones after Hurricane Maria battered the island in September 2017.

December 20, 2017Disaster Response, Emergency Management, GuardianAngel, Hurricane Relief