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Bag-gate: Managing an Emergency within an Emergency

What happens when a key asset goes missing during an emergency response mission with Million Air in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria? We tell the story of "bag-gate", an example of GuardianAngel's asset tracking capability successfully leading to the recovery of a key mission asset.

February 12, 2018Asset Tracking, Disaster Response, GuardianAngel

Monitoring and Evaluation Services for Global Development

In order to ensure foreign aid programs are properly administered, agencies employ Monitoring and Evaluation Services to maintain oversight of projects.  As a modern global risk management and mitigation consultancy, TigerSwan has the prior experience and worldwide capacity to support monitoring and evaluation efforts around the world.

January 10, 2018Asset Tracking, Global Stability, GuardianAngel, Monitoring and Evaluation

Asset Tracking

TigerSwan Asset Tracking powered by GuardianAngel. Our Asset Tracking capability is driven by two parallel operations occurring simultaneously: persistent monitoring by our GuardianAngel technology, and comprehensive risk mitigation and response by our GSOC Analysts.

December 19, 2017Asset Tracking, GSOC, GuardianAngel