TigerSwan’s Risk Management & Mitigation Consultancy Team

Meet our diverse team of spirited entrepreneurs, veterans, security experts, and proud citizens.

Jim Reese

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Under Jim's leadership, TigerSwan has grown from an idea conceived while on a cold-weather training mission in Colorado to a global organization with operations in over 50 countries – in just 10 years. TigerSwan provides “Solutions to Uncertainty” for government entities, commercial enterprises, and individuals around the world. Under Reese’s leadership, TigerSwan continues to transform, increasing its technological capabilities and providing comprehensive solutions to improve risk management for its clients.

Reese retired as a Lt. Colonel from the US Military’s heralded “Delta Force” in 2007 after 25 years of service as a decorated combat leader. He was called "one of the finest special operators in the modern military” by the Commander of Coalition Forces of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Executive Leadership


Mike Biglin

Chief Financial Officer


Greg Baker

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Business Development


Brian Smith

Vice President for Government Services


Shawn Sweeney

Vice President for International Services


Kelly Cole

Director of Security and Stability Operations


Wesley Fricks

Government Affairs and Communications


Loretta Moye

Director of Human Resources


Derek Borror

Vice President for Domestic Support

TigerSwan Stories

People walk through an airport terminal at dusk

Duty of Care vs Travel Risk Management: What’s the Difference?

March 9, 2018

Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management are different terms that often get used interchangeably. If a company has a travel risk management program, are they fulfilling their duty of care? Unfortunately, the answer is not always yes. We tackle the distinction between these two terms and offer GuardianAngel as the modern, global solution for travel risk management.

A hurricane cloud seen from space

2017’s Natural Disasters: TigerSwan Emergency Response to Hurricanes

February 1, 2018

TigerSwan's swift and robust response to both Hurricane Harvey in Houston and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico demonstrated the company's ability to provide experienced coordination and management of relief efforts during emergency situations.

Jim Reese receives Patriot Award with Ken Oppenheim, Area Chair of ESGR North Carolina and Lieutenant Brandon Hough of North Carolina National Guard.

TigerSwan CEO Receives Patriot Award

January 8, 2018

North Carolina Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), a Department of Defense Office, announced James Reese, Chairman and CEO, TigerSwan received the Patriot Award for his Support of Lieutenant Brandon Hough, North Carolina National Guard.

Past Performance