GuardianAngel: Your Unblinking Eye

Our GuardianAngel visual analytics platform provides a broad range of services dedicated to travel risk management and safety of your trip – no matter where opportunity leads you.

Travel security for the modern world

TigerSwan’s GuardianAngel is a travel security and operations management platform that enables you to secure your assets and conduct business anywhere in the world. Simply put, GuardianAngel allows you to cultivate valuable opportunities and participate in the global community without putting your reputation, your business, or your life at risk. GuardianAngel’s subscribers receive:

  • Issue of emergency assistance application
  • Emergency assistance at the push of a button
  • 24/7 monitoring and personal security hotlines
  • Direct access to veteran Security Operators in the GSOC
  • Pre-travel threat assessments
  • In-country risk mitigation and emergency action plans
  • A response capability in over 50 countries

100% Confidential, 100% of the time

All of GuardianAngel’s services are 100% confidential and tailored to match your individual needs. Before you travel, we provide a security assessment for your journey and advise on best practices to ensure safe transit and mission success

24/7 support from TigerSwan’s GSOC

Our domestic and international Operations Centers deliver rapid client-to-customer support by providing 24/7 scrutinized monitoring and a direct line of communications to our security personnel. GuardianAngel’s Operations Centers are staffed by former military and law enforcement professionals with extensive experience and training in:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Providing low-profile security solutions in high threat environments
  • Calm, appropriate reactions to emergency situations
  • Integrating on scene Emergency Response
  • Navigating cultural sensitivities in foreign countries
  • Facilitating communication and response between U.S. and Foreign Governments

By continuously analyzing a wide array of security-related data and coordinating with local law enforcement agencies, our Security Operators paint an accurate picture of on-the-ground situations, provide situational awareness, communicate foreseeable threats, and effectively make time-sensitive decisions to mitigate risks.

Whether protecting your property, your business reputation, or your life, there is no margin for error.

Unparalleled Situational Awareness

Emergency Assistance Beacons

In the event of civil unrest, major accidents, kidnappings, and natural disasters, emergency responders require accurate and up-to-date information to provide real time situational awareness to protect what matters most.

Prepared Travel

Pre-Travel Planning from the GSOC

Guardian Angel’s membership includes a Pre-Travel Plan before each departure. Our Security Operators collect information from various sources that is vital to your safety while abroad and provide a customized assessment outlining risks and recommendations. The two main focuses of each Pre-Travel Plan are travel information and security information.

Never worry again

24/7 Global Monitoring

We monitor situations, not people. GuardianAngel services are 100% confidential. GSOC staff are intelligence professionals tasked with ensuring your safety. Rather than tracking people, our GSOC persistently monitors developing situations. We deliver Peace of Mind by ensuring that you are not subjected to risk, only escalating an issue when your safety is in danger.

GuardianAngel Mobile Smartphone Application

Download the GuardianAngel app to access a 24/7 global safety net. Whether you are at home, out of town on business domestically or internationally, or traveling the world with your family, TigerSwan’s GuardianAngel service is there for your Peace of Mind.


The Unblinking Eye Advantage


Global Security Operations Center

Our GSOC is at the heart of TigerSwan’s worldwide missions. With operations continuing 24/7/365, GuardianAngel’s unblinking eye never rests. The GSOC realizes TigerSwan’s ability to maintain continuous monitoring of global political, civil, and meteorological events, ongoing missions, and other threat environments.


Duty of Care or Travel Risk Management?

Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management are different terms that often get used interchangeably. If a company has a travel risk management program, are they fulfilling their duty of care? Unfortunately, the answer is not always yes. We tackle the distinction between these two terms and offer GuardianAngel as the modern, global solution for travel risk management.