The U.S. State Department made changes to its travel warning system

On Wednesday, January 10th, the State Department introduced changes to its system that alerts travelers to risks associated with travel to countries around the world.

Moving away from travel warnings and alerts, the new system uses a ranking system, from 1 to 4, to convey information about travel for every country.  The new system also includes a color-coded world map for a global view.

Travel Confidently Amidst Global Uncertainty

As much of the State Department’s map is shaded with some level of advisory, many vacationers, business travelers, travel managers, and risk management officials are left trying to figure out appropriate measures to ensure travel safety when faced with a country-specific travel advisory.

By working with a trusted, travel risk management partner, individual and business travelers alike are able to obtain accurate, real-time travel advisories not only about the countries they are visiting but also on the specific areas they will be traversing.

Screenshot of GuardianAngel Travel Risk Map

GuardianAngel: your trusted Travel Risk Management Partner

Through TigerSwan’s situational awareness platform, GuardianAngel, subscribers obtain advisories and informed threat assessments prior to any travel.  In consultation with our security partners in over 50 countries, personnel in our Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) provide real-time, street-level information to travelers. This helps business and leisure travelers alike prepare for their journey.

Additionally, travelers take our GSOC with them via our GuardianAngel App.  Subscribers to the GuardianAngel App are constantly linked with our GSOC personnel through real-time location sharing, an Emergency SOS button, as well as the ability to receive travel alerts and communicate directly through the smartphone application.  Thanks to our Security Analysts in the GSOC, GuardianAngel coordinates additional travel support, including secure transport and low-signature security services (armed and unarmed).

In the event of an emergency situation internationally or domestically, travelers do not need to memorize that country’s local emergency phone number.  By engaging the SOS button within the GuardianAngel App, our GSOC personnel automatically know your location and are able to coordinate with emergency responders, and will even dispatch additional support personnel on your behalf if required.

Modern travel can be an anxious endeavor for those that pay close attention to international events and media coverage. GuardianAngel is your ticket to a safe, alert, and worry-free trip abroad — no matter where you conduct your business or wish to vacation with your family and friends.