Protective Security Services for High-Profile Individuals and Groups

Doing your job requires lots of public exposure and interaction, leaving you vulnerable to personal safety risks. Keep you and your staff out of harm’s way, protect your public image and keep your reputation intact.

Ensuring personal and professional Peace of Mind for the world’s most recognized individuals and brands

21st century technology has brought you increased connection with your fans and the ability to scale your personal brand like never before. Unfortunately, your influencer status on social media also increases your exposure to risk by aggregating crowds to your location, including bad actors. Your business requires extra security sensitivity – with both online and physical presence.

We are Entertainment Industry Security Experts offering personal protection, location security, and 24/7 site surveillance for individuals, property, and equipment. Let TigerSwan agents secure your people and your site from the risks of theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. We guide our clients in developing security solutions that meet the unique needs of public individuals. Whether your needs are day-to-day or full-time, TigerSwan can resolve conflicts, address volatile situations, and maintain a safe and productive work environment for your talent, crew, and guests.

Executive, celebrity, influencer, and dignitary protection specialists

By continuously analyzing a wide array of security-related data and coordinating with local law enforcement and political agencies, our Security Operators paint an accurate picture of the on-ground situation, provide situational awareness, communicate foreseeable threats, and effectively make time sensitive decisions to mitigate risk.

We have experience working with some of the world’s most recognizable public individuals and groups – rock bands, pop stars, corporate executives, athletes, diplomats, and other influencers. Keeping them, their reputation, and their professional brand safe is our priority.

Services for High-Profile Individuals

Mobile & Fixed-Site Security

Maintain a secure environment whether you’re on the move or on location.

Unblinking Eye

Social Media and electronics monitoring: an online defense for your brand and reputation.

Asset Tracking

Keep your operations running smoothly and safely with 24/7 global monitoring of your personnel and equipment.

Pre-Travel Planning

Receive a comprehensive travel assessment compiled by our Security Operators for your upcoming tour, based on your itinerary and travel information.

Data Loss Prevention

RemoteKill encryption technology will keep your Intellectual Property safe in the event that it is stolen or lost.

Risk Mitigation & Emergency Action Plans

Work hand-in-hand with our crisis management experts to develop plans for events that could threaten your operations.

GuardianAngel Platform for Safeguarding Your Operations

TigerSwan’s GuardianAngel platform can track you, your team, your equipment, and other assets critical to your operations in real time. We deliver situational awareness and geospatial intelligence in the context of global events as they happen, enabling our team to rapidly anticipate, manage, and mitigate potential risks to your operation. No matter where in the world your team may be operating, GuardianAngel will provide you the Peace of Mind necessary to focus on your job.