TigerSwan Integrated Security Systems & Risk Management

As a VA-certified, Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business, TigerSwan is a full spectrum global risk management and mitigation consultancy trusted by government agencies to fulfill their mission from every corner of the globe.

Force ready experience, worldwide capacity

Established in 2007 by former members of US Army Special Operations Forces, TigerSwan brings dynamic leadership and applicable experiences to government contracting projects in the world’s most threatening locations. In the face of rapidly changing and increasingly uncertain global conditions, TigerSwan delivers clear and actionable insights to address the most critical security challenges, and to manage and protect the operations, reputation, and integrity of our government’s global efforts.

As a SDVOSB, choosing TigerSwan means that you are supporting men and women who served in the nation’s armed forces. TigerSwan is proud to employ distinguished professionals with backgrounds in combat leadership, law enforcement, military intelligence, and asymmetric threat mitigation. Together as a company, our collective background informs our work on a daily basis. We understand the modern, global theater of risk and are thus prepared to deliver actionable insights and interpret the connections between seemingly unconnected events.

Our Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) was conceived and architected based on our unique background. We analyze real time data at the most granular level to anticipate and mitigate risk, and resolve crises as it unfolds anywhere in the world. Our visual analytics platform works continuously to connect known and emerging sources of information – enabling global operations to recognize hidden patterns, detect anomalies, and forecast future conditions to identify, assess, and resolve risk on a local, national, or global scale.

Global Development

Monitoring and Evaluation Services

Providing oversight of US-funded projects abroad is important to ensure timelines are being met and objectives are being realized. By employing local nationals with the technical skills, cultural knowledge, linguistic capability and capacity to travel around their home country to conduct these assessment and monitoring tasks, the investments are further compounded through the creation of local jobs and growing the local economy.

Visual Analytics

Integrated Security System with GuardianAngel & GSOC

TigerSwan’s GuardianAngel platform provides operational Peace of Mind. Track all your critical assets, stay connected to our GSOC specialists, and operate with the situational awareness and geospatial intelligence of our elite crisis management experts.

Capacity Building for Global Stability

Without Stability, Developing Countries Will Not Grow

Our broad spectrum of support services operate in non-permissive environments – from Construction & Logistical services, Advisory services, Program Management, Language & Translation services, to Security training services – TigerSwan is prepared to foster regional stability across the world.

Executive Safety

Secure Housing & Life Support

Operations personnel require safe, secure, and comfortable accommodations when traveling to emerging markets. TigerSwan’s Secure Housing and Life Support solutions allow clients to live and work in secure environments, and are more cost effective than hotels.


Asset Tracking by GuardianAngel

Keep your operations running safely and smoothly with 24/7 global monitoring of your personnel, equipment, and other essential assets.

Critical Infrastructure Security

TigerSwan’s critical infrastructure Security Consultants provide a comprehensive, on-site analysis of your facilities’ physical security.

Full Airport Security Program

We specialize in providing uniformed security services executed by well-trained and qualified security officers who perform their duties in an efficient and professional manner.

Case Studies

TigerSwan's Global Security Operations Center in Apex, North Carolina

TigerSwan’s Global Security Operations Center (GSOC)

December 19, 2017

TigerSwan’s Global Security Operations Center is at the heart of our worldwide missions. With operations continuing 24/7/365, GuardianAngel’s unblinking eye never rests thanks to the Security Analysts in the GSOC.

A freight ship with shipping containers sits in port

International Supply Chain Safety

January 4, 2018

Whether in strengthening democratic institutions, supporting economic growth, or responding to disaster areas, the humanitarian organizations dedicated to the betterment of vulnerable populations are tireless in their pursuit of improving local living conditions. TigerSwan is proud to enable the work of such organizations by providing safety services.

Motor bikes ride past a building in Rome, Italy

GuardianAngel for the Modern Traveler

December 19, 2017

GuardianAngel is the travel risk management solution for the modern traveler. An international travel security program, GuardianAngel is your ticket to a safe, alert, and worry-free trip abroad -- no matter where you conduct your business or wish to vacation with your family and friends.