Corporate Risk Management for Modern Global Threat

Maintaining a globally dispersed workforce means that your most critical assets – personnel, Intellectual Property, or physical assets – are exposed to worldwide risk. TigerSwan provides the contextual awareness, executive visibility, and actionable intelligence required to more effectively anticipate, manage, and mitigate risk.

Global presence is your new strategic advantage

The modern enterprise competes in a global economy. The greater your critical assets are dispersed worldwide across your enterprise, the larger your potential attack surface and greater your exposure to global risk. TigerSwan’s understanding of the security challenges facing the modern enterprise is absolute – we turn uncertainty into knowledge and risk into opportunity to respond to your most urgent needs in times of crisis, protecting what matters most under the most perilous of circumstances.

Executives that travel the globe for business need to focus on the work at hand. TigerSwan’s force-ready experience and worldwide capacity for rapid response and deployment means that you are safe to do your job anywhere in the world. We deliver clear and actionable insights to address the most critical security challenges to manage and protect the operations, reputation, and financial stability of the most recognized brands in global industry.

Comprehensive security for every corporate asset

People, buildings, software, product shipments, work sites – all critical corporate assets with increased risk as they disperse across the globe. TigerSwan’s unique background and tailored set of physical and technology services are prepared to protect and secure your most critical assets from threat of both natural and man-made disaster, no matter how culturally dynamic or politically charged the location.

TigerSwan’s Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) was conceived and architected based on years of experience in global combat leadership, law enforcement, military intelligence, and asymmetric threat mitigation. We are equipped to track assets in real time, no matter where they are in the world. Our visual analytics platform analyzes data at the most granular level to anticipate and mitigate risk, and resolve crises as it unfolds anywhere in the world.

TigerSwan’s GuardianAngel is an exclusive, international-travel security program that enables you to secure your assets and conduct business with confidence, wherever opportunity may lead. Our domestic and international Operations Specialists deliver rapid client-to-customer support by providing 24/7 scrutinized monitoring and a direct line of communications to our security personnel.

Vulnerability Management

TigerSwan Consulting Services for Managing Enterprise Risk

TigerSwan’s vulnerability, crisis, and risk management capabilities reduce your assets’ exposure through security assessments and a variety of critical security services.

Safety First

Security Services to Ensure the Safety of Your Physical Assets

Our critical safety services provide mobile and fixed-site security for your physical assets, secure executive lodging in dangerous locations, and personal protective services.


Construction Services with Professional and Technical Expertise

TigerSwan Construction provides a full range of customer-oriented services, executed by experts with extensive experience in design-bid-build operations, project management, and operations & maintenance.

GuardianAngel Platform for Enterprise Awareness

Corporate opportunity is worldwide. Security is mission critical. The difficulties involved with international work, travel, and leisure add an element of fear and uncertainty in today’s global society. The difficulties will only increase, but successful entrepreneurs and companies will continue to look globally for a competitive advantage.

Equip your company with Peace of Mind: track assets, receive pre-travel security briefs, mitigate risks, send discrete emergency beacons, and receive help with the push of a button.


Global Security Operations Center

Our GSOC is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by experts in crisis mitigation and response.

Cybersecurity Services

Modern global threats require a new approach to vulnerability management. Our Department of Defense compliant, military-grade data & human intelligence has the solutions to protect your business.

Secure Executive Housing & Life Support

Executives conducting business in emerging markets need safe, secure, and comfortable accommodations.

Risk Mitigation & Emergency Action Plans

Work hand-in-hand with our crisis management experts to develop plans for events that could threaten your operations.

Pre-Travel Planning

Our Security Operators collect your travel itinerary and information to provide a customized travel assessment, preparing you for your trip abroad.

Fixed Site Security

TigerSwan security services enable businesses and NGOs to conduct business with confidence. Explore our mobile and fixed-site solutions.

Enterprise Case Studies

People walk through an airport terminal at dusk

Duty of Care vs Travel Risk Management: What’s the Difference?

March 9, 2018

Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management are different terms that often get used interchangeably. If a company has a travel risk management program, are they fulfilling their duty of care? Unfortunately, the answer is not always yes. We tackle the distinction between these two terms and offer GuardianAngel as the modern, global solution for travel risk management.

A hurricane cloud seen from space

2017’s Natural Disasters: TigerSwan Emergency Response to Hurricanes

February 1, 2018

TigerSwan's swift and robust response to both Hurricane Harvey in Houston and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico demonstrated the company's ability to provide experienced coordination and management of relief efforts during emergency situations.

A view of Earth from space at night

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

December 19, 2017

We perform network and facility security assessments to identify potential points of exposure and asymmetric threats that are already attacking your network and financial systems. By equipping your organization with knowledge of your operational vulnerabilities, you are taking proactive steps to stay ahead of those willing to harm you, your customers, and your brand’s reputation.