Supply chain logistics security: Ensuring the safety of international humanitarian projects

As a modern global risk management and mitigation consultancy, TigerSwan has the prior experience and worldwide capacity to prepare for and respond to risk anywhere on the globe. Together, our GuardianAngel platform and Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) monitor and analyze threats as they develop around the world, initiating response protocols when pre-set anomaly detection rules are met. Our advanced technologies and global response capability make TigerSwan the ideal business enabler for governments, corporations, and relief organizations operating in unfamiliar or otherwise hostile environments.

Civil unrest, political strife, natural disaster, and economic difficulty all threaten the stability of an international work environment. The real threats to the safety of personnel and equipment performing humanitarian relief cannot be ignored by organizations required to ensure duty of care. TigerSwan provides the contextual awareness, executive visibility, and actionable intelligence required to more effectively anticipate, manage, and mitigate risk to optimize operational safety and assure organizational stability.

Nowhere is our mission of guaranteeing safety more important than in developing nations, emerging markets, and conflict and post-conflict regions. Whether in strengthening democratic institutions, supporting economic growth, or responding to disaster areas, the humanitarian organizations dedicated to the betterment of vulnerable populations are tireless in their pursuit of improving local living conditions. TigerSwan is proud to enable the work of such organizations by providing safety services. By leveraging the strengths of our local and international partners, TigerSwan maintains a safe work environment around the clock and around the globe.

Supply chain logistics security and support

Securing the safety of every asset is priority number one. TigerSwan’s safety and security consultants will collaborate with you to understand your security environment and development a safety program that fits your operation’s needs while eliminating vulnerabilities. We constantly work to improve your total safety and security program across the spectrum of living and working environments, including mobile, static, international, aviation, maritime, multicultural, and high-threat.

A recent humanitarian and economic development project brought a TigerSwan team to the Kushka Basin of northwestern Afghanistan. TigerSwan was asked to provide a turn-key security package to support the scientific collection of seismic data in the region — a remote area of the country still rife with insurgent activity. To meet the risk management requirements, TigerSwan provided overall security at fixed and mobile sites, labor, management, supervision, supplies, material, and equipment. Completing the seismic data collection in the Kushka Basin was a dangerous task for scientists and engineers, but the goal of the project would enhance the economic prospects of the local population.

TigerSwan’s humanitarian support efforts across the globe are trusted and relied upon thanks to our advanced analytics platform, experience in global combat leadership, knowledgeable local partners, and response capabilities. Our reputation for operational safety is known worldwide, from South and Central America to North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Our experienced advisors are experts in complex, multi-cultured, fast-moving and high-risk markets.

TigerSwan’s comprehensive security and protection services include:

  • Personal security details
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Emergency action planning
  • Evacuation planning services
  • Travel risk analysis
  • Executive protection services
  • Life support services
  • Crisis management
  • Medical or emergency extraction