The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is leading a business mission to Iraq in December.  This will be the first U.S. business delegation to visit Baghdad in the post-ISIS era.  As a licensed and ISO / PSC.1 certified security provider in Iraq and a member of the U.S. – Iraq Business Initiative, TigerSwan has been entrusted to be the official provider of transportation and security services for this important business delegation.  This will be a great opportunity for members of the delegation to meet with senior leadership from the newly-formed Government of Iraq.

U.S. – Iraq Business Initiative

The U.S.-Iraq Business Initiative (USIBI) is the premier vehicle for dialogue and engagement between American and Iraqi business and government decision makers.  The USIBI provides a platform to generate and implement new ideas for partnerships and business policies that impact the thinking of government and business leaders in both countries. It is composed of a group of major American businesses, both large and small, representing a range of sectors. The USIBI also has full access to the Chamber’s congressional affairs and legal divisions, as well as various Chamber institutes and programs. This access can be used to advance its policies, programs, and initiatives.

The mission of the USIBI is to increase members’ access to Iraqi markets, help expand investment opportunities, and promote dialogue and access to decision makers in the United States, the government of Iraq, and the Kurdistan Regional Government. The Council also encompasses effective advocacy and business development programs throughout Iraq and the United States.

TigerSwan – Iraq

TigerSwan has been a licensed provider of safety, security and risk management services in Iraq for 10 years.  Beginning with threat and vulnerability assessments, our team develops safety and security protocols for our clients to ensure that their protective measures are properly sized and will enable them to achieve their operational objectives.  From full-service housing and life support to static security and secure transportation with armed security detail, our team is equipped to meet any client’s safety and security requirements.