TigerSwan: Providing Solutions in An Uncertain World


As most political and security experts can attest, the growing number of threats around the world are leading many governments and businesses to take extraordinary measures in an effort to stave off the possibility of a terrorist attack or other catastrophic event. To do so, they are turning to risk management companies engaged in providing a variety of solutions to complex problems. While there are numerous companies around the world that offer such services, most companies have found to gain peace of mind they put their trust in TigerSwan.

What is Political Risk Management?

When most people hear others speak of political risk management, they have little idea what this means. In general terms, this refers to being able to use various aspects of technology, statistics, and other information to accurately assess such threats as terrorism, cybersecurity, geopolitical internal conflicts that could lead to unrest or violence in certain parts of the world, and much more. By being able to identify the most significant types of threats to governments and businesses, risk management companies can then work with businesses and organizations to develop innovative plans that will negate these threats.

Analysis and Response Strategies

Along with being able to properly and accurately analyze various types of geopolitical threats, it is also crucial for a risk management company such as TigerSwan to work with clients to develop response strategies that will prove to be very effective and practical. In doing so, the company looks not only at how it can obtain accurate and reliable information about various political risks, but also how it can work with clients to ensure an effective response to crisis events. Yet perhaps most importantly of all in these situations, TigerSwan works with clients to not only pinpoint near-misses, but also how to capitalize on these and learn from them. By taking this approach, procedures and strategies can evolve and improve, leading to greater overall safety.

Real-Time Technology

In any situation involving aspects of global terrorism or other geopolitical events, it is critical to have real-time information as to what is happening and what will be the best way to respond to the threat. To accomplish this, TigerSwan uses a variety of real-time technology that is combined with years of experience from personnel trained in a wide array of specialties. Whether it is military intelligence, combat training and operations, law enforcement, or perhaps statistical analysis, these and other specialties when combined can create a force capable of assessing risk and eliminating the chances of significant damage taking place.

Partnerships Around the Globe

As TigerSwan has expanded its ability to perform risk management for more and more clients, its reputation for excellence has allowed it to expand to more than 50 countries worldwide. As a result, it is now able to implement its Global Security Operations Center to find vulnerabilities that many other companies have much harder times detecting using standard operating procedures. By implementing the various features of its GSOC, TS can work with clients to not only assess risks, but also develop such strategies as scenario planning exercises to ensure an organization and its members are prepared for whatever they may face.

As geopolitical risks continue to increase each year, the need for risk assessment services focusing on this area will continue to become extremely important. Rather than be left holding the bag when a serious or catastrophic event takes place, companies and governments throughout the world are turning to TS for services they cannot find anywhere else. No matter the threat that may occur, TS has the technology, experience, and personnel to handle any situation.


TigerSwan: Providing Solutions in An Uncertain World