For Those Who Have Hunted Armed Men........Training Will Never Be The Same.


TigerSwan is Proud to Train America's Warfighters

Warrior Training Alliance
TigerSwan is a member of the Warrior Training Alliance and can be contracted using the Warfighter FOCUS contract.

Benefits of TigerSwan

• Combat focused in a creative, realistic and challenging environment

• Unmatched ability to teach, coach and mentor Warfighters

• Safety is number one - TigerSwan has safely conducted more than 60,000 hours of live-fire, high-risk training

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TigerSwan Course Registration

TigerSwan Course Registration
TigerSwan offers Mobile Training Teams and regularly scheduled open enrollment courses at our TigerSwan Range Complex and selected ranges across the US.

We train and challenge students of all skill levels - from highly skilled special operations operators to students possessing minimum or no skills with firearms, self defense or dealing with potential threats.

Mobile Training Team

TSI Mobile Training Teams are a cost saving solution for many organizations seeking to stretch their training budgets. TSI instructors routinely travel to military bases and ranges throughout the US providing world class training. Our MTT training programs are client specific and can be conducted at our training facility near Fort Bragg, NC, or at or near your location to minimize time away from home and related travel expenses.

Contact us with your requirements for a price quote.

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3452 Apex Peakway
Apex, NC 27502
Phone: (919) 439-7110