TigerSwan's policies exist to serve as a guide for every employee of the company and address the standards each employee is expected to maintain. Adherence to TigerSwan policies is mandatory. It is incumbent upon, and required for, each employee to read and familiarize themselves with all of the TigerSwan policies. Always take into account TigerSwan's guiding principles:

  • Our Reputation Means Everything
  • Do Not Place People or Clients at Risk
  • Remain Cost Effective
  • Commitment to Mission Critical Tasks
  • Legal, Moral, Ethical

TigerSwan will not accept, condone or tolerate unethical or illegal behavior. Should you have a question about any policy, contact the Director of Business and Contracting or a Legal Representative from TigerSwan.

James Reese
Chief Executive Officer
TigerSwan, Inc.