Stability (n) The attribute of being firm and steadfast; stable and safe (especially of society) environment.

Global Stability encompasses various support missions conducted within the US and abroad. We coordinate and ensure compliance with elements of governmental and corporate infrastructure: to maintain or reestablish a safe and secure environment, provide essential logistical services, rebuild emergency infrastructure, and assist with humanitarian and disaster relief.

Global challenges must be met with discipline, critical analysis and subject matter expertise. TigerSwan has extensive operational success throughout the Middle East, Central and South America, Europe and Asia. All operations are conducted in accordance with local and international laws and sensitivity to local customs, and with the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and client confidentiality.

Project Management and Systems Integration

  • Program implementation
  • Synchronization, synergy
  • Mentoring

Security Operations

  • Advance travel briefings
  • Fixed site and critical infrastructure (armed/unarmed)
  • Personal security details (VIP security)
    • Specialist in reduced signature PSD
  • Threat vulnerability assessments (TVA)
  • Maritime security support
  • Surveillance and counter/surveillance
    • Home guard implementation
  • K9
  • Force protection/anti-terrorism
  • Analysis, implementation and training
  • RED Team support
  • Convoy escort
  • Evacuation of non-combatants (NEO)
  • Training of host nation peace officers/military

Risk Analysis/Mitigation/Management

Linguist Support

  • Interpretation
  • Translation services


  • Meet and greet
  • Travel booking
  • Life support
  • Armored vehicles
  • Mobility (air, ground, maritime)
  • Medical support
  • Secure shipping
  • Design, build

Disaster Relief

The success of Global Stability operations is the integration of TigerSwan with our host nation partners within the security/safety, logistics, mobility and research sectors. TigerSwan epitomizes stability. Our global footprint and our expeditionary experience within all environments sets us apart from others; keeping the world a stable environment one mission at a time.