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TigerSwan is Proud to Train America's Warfighters

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TigerSwan is a member of the Warrior Training Alliance and can be contracted using the Warfighter FOCUS contract.

Benefits of TigerSwan

• Combat focused in a creative, realistic and challenging environment

• Unmatched ability to teach, coach and mentor Warfighters

• Safety is number one - TigerSwan has safely conducted more than 60,000 hours of live-fire, high-risk training

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TigerSwan Course Registration

TigerSwan Course Registration
TigerSwan offers Mobile Training Teams and regularly scheduled open enrollment courses at our TigerSwan Range Complex and selected ranges across the US.

We train and challenge students of all skill levels - from highly skilled special operations operators to students possessing minimum or no skills with firearms, self defense or dealing with potential threats.


David Borresen – Instructor

David comes to TigerSwan a 9 year law enforcement veteran from a nationally accredited law enforcement agency. David spent four years as a full time S.W.A.T. team member conducting frequent high risk entries and arrests for the department’s homicide, narcotics, burglary, major crimes divisions and some federal agencies. David has experience conducting multi story, multi structured assaults on targets holding barricaded subjects and or hostages. He also served as an explosive breacher for two years and has taught classes in tactics, weapons and the use and deployment of less than lethal munitions and distractionairy devices. He has experience conducting personal protection details for elected officials, business leaders as well as witnesses and defendants during high risk or high profile civil and criminal trials. As an Undercover Narcotics Agent, David conducted all types of overt and clandestine surveillance both physical and technical in nature.

David has worked the worldwide personal protection service as a personal security detail member providing integrated security and mission support services to government agencies and private corporations throughout Iraq. His positions included Agent in Charge (AIC), Leader of the Counter Assault Team (CAT), and Tactical Commander for Advance Operations. He is experienced in the execution of security plans and operations designed to minimize liability while protecting valuable personnel, equipment, and resources.

David graduated from the Campbell University with a B.S. in Social Science with concentration in Criminal Justice. He is also a six year veteran of the Marine Corps Reserves. David has competed in USPSA pistol and pistol/carbine competitions since 2005.

Jeff Freuler – Instructor

Jeff is a 23 year law enforcement veteran from a very large, nationally accredited, state law enforcement agency. Jeff has a very diverse training background that has extended from the local and federal law enforcement level to private industry. He is the chief firearms instructor and armorer for his agency. He is responsible for the firearms training of their cadets and in-service training for its members. Jeff also was responsible for researching, developing and implementing the agency’s first patrol rifle training program. He has also worked as a member of a high-risk interdiction detail, which worked the state’s highways searching for high-risk criminal activity. As a member of this interdiction team he was also a canine handler and was responsible for interdicting millions of dollars in currency, narcotics and illegal weapons. He also has experience conducting personal protection details for elected officials, high ranking military officers and business leaders.

Jeff is a veteran of the Marine Corps. He has also competed in IDPA pistol competitions since 1998.

Dan Pugh – Sergeant Major, USA (Ret)– Instructor

Dan is a 24 year Army Special Operations veteran who culminated his military career serving 13 years with Delta Force (1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta).  Dan has extensive operational, training and leadership experience.  His leadership experience ranges from conducting and supervising Personal Security Details (PSD) for several ambassadors in Central and South America, conducting low visibility operations and leading an Assault team in numerous combat operations. He has extensive combat experience in multiple regions ranging from South East Asia, Grenada and multiple tours in the Middle East.

Dan has extensive sniper experience, both as an operational sniper and a trainer (military and law enforcement). He is a graduate of the Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SOTIC) and has real world experience in planning, coordinating, integrating and leading tactical sniper operations. Since retiring from the US Army, Dan has worked as a PSD Team Leader throughout Iraq,  a Special Response Team (SRT) Member, Sniper, Patrol Officer and SRT Training Officer for the Cumberland County (CC) Sheriff’s Office, and as a Firearms and tactics Instructor for the Federal Air Marshall Program.

Dan is a certified Law Enforcement Instructor in Criminal Justice, Firearms, and Special Weapons and Tactics from the North Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, Salemburg, NC.  Dan is also a certified Glock and G-36 armorer.  Additionally, Dan holds an Associate Degree from the University of the State of New York, Albany, and is a National Rifle Association (NRA) certified Range Safety Officer (RSO).


Leon Bracy, Sergeant Major, USA (Ret) – Instructor

Leon retired as a Sergeant Major in the United States Army’s 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta (Delta Force). He served 22 years in the Army Special Operations Command culminating with 15 years in Delta Force as a Sergeant Major serving as an Operator, Team Sergeant, Master Breacher and Training & Evaluation Sergeant Major. A decorated combat veteran his awards and decorations include the Legion of Merit and two Bronze Stars (1 for valor), Defense Meritorious Service Medal and the Bronze Pistol EIC Badge.

Leon has extensive international security experience. He assisted in the security assessment and upgrades planning for US embassies in Africa, Central & South America. He has lead protection details for high ranking government and military officials in high threat and combat environments. His former principals include a US Ambassador, COMSOCOM in Southwest Asia, and Corporate Executives in high risk environments.

Leon has extensive experience as a trainer in basic and advanced marksmanship, close quarters battle, manual and explosive breaching, rural and urban reconnaissance, and VIP protection in high threat environments. Additionally, Leon has extensive sniper experience, both as an operational sniper and a trainer. He is a graduate of the USMC scout sniper course and has real world experience in planning, coordinating, integrating and leading tactical sniper operations. After retiring from the military, Leon served as Security Specialist/Team Leader for a PSD in Baghdad & Northern Iraq and as a marksmanship/tactics instructor for the Air Marshal training program. Leon is a National Rifle Association (NRA) certified Range Safety Officer (RSO).