Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

When you need services in emerging markets or in early development stages, TigerSwan Service Integration and Management (SIAM) teams ensure seamless delivery while navigating challenges. We maintain strong operational and commercial governance with host nation suppliers to provide coordination and eliminate autonomy.

TigerSwan takes on risk to reduce your exposure. We eliminate the supplier fragmentation that often complicates integration and governance, both of which are essential in delivering effective services to your organization.

We integrate many services within the Global Enablement environment. Our SIAM directors have experience leading integrated solutions in semi- and non-permissive global environments.

TigerSwan’s SIAM services include:

  • Network Enterprise and IT Services
  • Demining and UXO Clearance
  • Geophysical Seismic Services
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Transportation Services
  • Health Care
  • Construction Services
  • Water and Hydrology Services
  • Technical and Facility Security Services

Our SIAM teams, who act as a single point of accountability in orchestrating with multiple suppliers, are an effective and cost-saving way to minimize multi-sourcing issues. TigerSwan SIAM brings the desired oversight and control to ensure our clients’ organizational policies and standards are consistently applied, and suppliers act in a cohesive and efficient manner.