Safety & Security

TigerSwan reduces your assets’ exposure through security assessments and a variety of critical security services 

We do not envy the job of a business owner, CEO, CISO/CSO, or public safety director. Your job is tough – you must protect your organization’s assets and eliminate exposure against all conceivable threats. Meanwhile attackers are working to find, exploit, and leverage weakness in your organization.  TigerSwan’s safety and security consultants collaborate with you to understand your security environment and develop a program that fits your needs and eliminates threats.

Security Assessments

TigerSwan’s safety and security consultants use our proprietary NIFE® (Network, Individuals, Facilities, Electronics/Environment) service solutions to advise and implement safety requirements for our clients. We improve your total safety and security program across the spectrum of living and working environments, including: mobile, static, international, aviation, maritime, multi-cultural and high-threat.

Security Services

TigerSwan provides a variety of security services and personnel throughout the globe.  Our critical safety and security services include:

  • Mobile and Fixed-Site Security
  • K9 Security Support
  • Secure Executive Lodging (Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Libya)
  • Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM)
  • Oil Field Safety and Security
  • Aviation Security Penetrations and Assessments

We are available around the clock and around the globe to provide a holistic and asymmetric network of capabilities and services for our clients, enabling Peace of Mind.


Examples of Past Work

Click the titles below to see a sample of TigerSwan’s past safety and security projects.


Mobile and Fixed-Site Security (Afghanistan)
TFBSO - Seismic Data

Seismic Survey Vehicles

The Kushka Basin of northwestern Afghanistan is suspected to be rich in hydrocarbon resources and offers the government and people of Afghanistan the potential for significant investment of foreign capital and economic stability.   Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO) in Afghanistan required a turn-key security package to support seismic data collection efforts in the region.  TigerSwan provided overall security at fixed and mobile sites, labor, management, supervision, supplies, material, and equipment to support risk management requirements necessary to complete seismic data collection in Herat province.

Mine Clearing and Security Services (Iraq)

TigerSwan currently serves as the lead security provider for the Iraqi Mine and UXO Clearance Organization (IMCO); a humanitarian mine action program in central and southern Iraq.  Under this contract, TigerSwan supports transition activities and provides assistance in security threat mitigation while ensuring the protection of IMCO’s personnel, assets, and premises.  Services that TigerSwan provides include:

  • Transition to the current compound in the SOC concession area in Rumaila
  • Personal security detail (PSD) services in Baghdad and Basra servicing IMCO and its implementing partners throughout the tumultuous of the transition period without injury
  • Providing fixed site security at two sites in Baghdad and two sites in Basra while IMCO restructured their physical locations. All of these services were provided without incident, accident, and most importantly injury.

TigerSwan has, and continues, to provide IMCO with quality services through our 125 in-country personnel who provide exceptional security, safety, and training services.  TigerSwan provides quality full spectrum life support to include secure housing, morale and welfare support cleaning services, laundry services, meal preparation, and business services.