Due Diligence

What keeps you up at night?

Imagine your company just finalized a merger with a foreign entity. Your company invested hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars examining the foreign entity’s financials, corporate structure, and production lines, and everything checked out.  However, after signing the merger documents your company realizes there was not an examination into the background of the foreign entity’s current executives.

Unfortunately, this scenario is one that TigerSwan hears about far too often.  By working with TigerSwan’s Due Diligence program you can avoid these scenarios that put your company at risk.

Our Due Diligence solutions include:

  • International Background Checks
  • On-the-ground Technology Assessments
  • On-the-ground Interviews and Verification
  • Financial Fraud Red Team
  • Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) Advisory
  • Unblinking EyeTM Social Media Analysis

With due diligence, we are constantly adapting.  While other companies inherently trust what a person says, TigerSwan performs due diligence procedures with a “Zero Trust” mindset.  We treat everyone as a potential leak and investigate the full horizon of conceivable threats. A threat is not cleared from our list until we have substantial evidence to verify otherwise.

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TigerSwan CEO James Reese discusses how due diligence serves as an international business enabler.