Airport Services

Airport Screening, Security, Intelligence, and Advisory

Team TigerSwan Aviation Security is a USA  Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Certificated for our SPP screening operation under contract with the TSA and for our cargo screening operations under. Team TigerSwan was named one of the Top 100 USA Department of Homeland Security Contractors.

Team TigerSwan currently is the primary contractor for the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) San Francisco, CA and Nine (9) other domestic airports in the USA
Team TigerSwan has over 1400 certified aviation screeners.

Full Airport Security Program Services

Team TigerSwan is the largest U.S.-owned company dedicated exclusively to aviation security in the United States. We specialize in providing uniformed security services executed by well-trained and qualified security officers who perform their duties in an efficient and professional manner.

Team TigerSwan has past performance in screening and security guard operations at ten CAT X airports, including San Francisco International (SFO), Orlando International (MCO), John F. Kennedy (JFK), LaGuardia (LGA), Chicago O’Hare (ORD), Boston-Logan (BOS), Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW), Dulles (IAD), Newark-Liberty (EWR) and Philadelphia(PHL).

As part of our proposal, Team TigerSwan will provide officers with specialized training in security, safety, operations, reporting, emergency response and Active Shooter Training. We the knowledge and ability to develop the proper program to service your needsTeam TigerSwan staff is fully compliant with USA 49 CFR 1542, and all managers are AAAE ACE Security Certified.

Services Provided:
Screen persons or vehicles seeking access to restricted areas; Staff fixed site posts; Perform roving vehicle patrols; Respond to and investigate alarms; Operate CCTV Systems; Staff Command Centers; Maintain security logs; Operate walk-through metal detectors (WTMDs) and hand-held metal detectors (HHMDs); Operate X-ray and ETDs; Inspection of goods and personnel; Training; Develop specialized training curriculum; Quality Assurance programs; Concession screening; Exit Lane staffing; Employee portal screening; Construction access control.

Cargo Screening

Team TigerSwan has been involved with cargo security since before the inception of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) mandate for 100% cargo screening. The Department of Homeland Security awarded Team TigerSwan a sole source contract for a pilot program, known as the Air Cargo Explosives Detection Pilot Program, based on our reputation as an industry leader in providing aviation security services

Team TigerSwan is responsible for performing cargo screening for United Airlines and Northwest Airlines cargo facilities at San Francisco International Airport. We provide all personnel, supervision, materials, supplies, testing, and other incidental items and services necessary for performance of the work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, working with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. This was the forerunner of the cargo screening programs that are in use as industry standards today

The level of screening performed is at the standards established by the Transportation Security Administration’s Model Security Program (MSP), the All-Cargo International Screening Program (ACISP), and the Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP)

Wll versed in all approved cargo screening methods including, X-ray technology, Explosive Trace Detection (ETD), physical search techniques and personnel carbon dioxide detectors (PCD’s)

Aircraft and Ramp Security

Team TigerSwan provides security services ensuring your aircraft, ramp, operations area and facility are properly secured and compliant

Team TigerSwan has provided over 25 million hours of dedicated airport security services for the nation’s airports, world’s airlines and the federal government. We currently perform over two million hours of annual airport security services throughout the United States. We have successfully transitioned over 50 airport security contracts on time, without incident and on budget.

Aircraft Flight Guards – documented access control to all support personnel requiring access to your aircraft.

Ramp Guards -ensures aircraft perimeter by monitoring and documenting movements of ramp employees and support vehicles.

High Value Escorts – provides personnel to monitor and document shipments which may require special handling to or from aircraft.

Facility Guards – provides facility security monitoring personnel entering and exiting your facilities, ensuring only authorized employees are permitted, and challenge requirements are continuously conducted.

Perimeter Posts – secures your perimeter posts within your airport Exclusive Area Agreements, ensuring only authorized personnel and vehicles are allowed entry or departure access from your controlled areas

Foreign Air Carrier Services

Team TigerSwan has provided a variety of security services to the world’s leading airlines since 2002. Our role is to ensure that the air carrier’s security, compliance, and regulatory requirements are never compromised while still maintaining the highest levels of customer service.

Aircraft guards, securing aircraft at gates and hardstands
Ramp security
Facility security
Crew screening
Catering screening
Document verification at ticket counter and departure gate
High-value escorting to or from aircraft

Our air carrier experience includes the following: