Advisory Services

Civil unrest, political strife and difficult economic challenges threaten the stability of many conflict and post-conflict regions, including emerging markets. Stability and business enablement are a constant challenge for governments, corporations and relief organizations working to strengthen democratic institutions and support economic growth.

TigerSwan Advisory Services include:

  • Linguist and Cultural
  • Agricultural and Hydrology
  • Portable Water and Power
  • Design and Build
  • Health Safety and Environmental
  • Medical
  • Logistics
  • Demining
  • Law Enforcement, Military, Peacekeepers, Security Service Trainers
  • Coordination and Emergency Response Center

By leveraging the strengths of our local and international partners, TigerSwan delivers advisory and mentoring services to government and commercial organizations in challenging locations. With extensive background in program management, training and oversight, our experienced advisors are experts in complex, multi-cultured, fast-moving and high-risk markets.