Pre-Travel Planning

A proactive approach to your travel security

Guardian Angel’s membership includes a Pre-Travel Plan before each departure.  Our Security Operators collect information from various sources that is vital to your safety while abroad and provide a customized assessment outlining risks and recommendations. The two main focuses of each Pre-Travel Plan are travel information, and security information.

Travel Information includes data on:

  • Country and city profiles
  • Cultural language, customs, and etiquette
  • Passport and visa requirements
  • Road safety and transportation recommendations
  • Weather and suitable dress
  • Compatibility of electrical outlets
  • Calendar of local events and holidays
  • Embassy location and contact information

Security Information includes data on:

  • Emergency phone numbersRussia - Cathedral of Basil the Blessed
  • List of local medical providers
  • Risk profiles of countries and cities
  • Areas to avoid
  • Crime, theft, and kidnapping
  • Corruption
  • Best security practices
  • Local, regional, and international terrorism threats
  • Political, economic, religious, and ethnic violence