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gahomescreenGuardianAngel ™ smart phone app provides you with a 24/7 global safety net with real time location identification. Whether you are at home, out of town on business domestically or internationally or traveling the world with your family, TigerSwan’s GuardianAngel™ service is there for your “PEACE OF MIND!” Our satellite based emergency assistance app provides real time tracking and pinpointing of your location and provides a direct link to our emergency response center which is manned by veteran military special operations personnel and  former law enforcement crisis management experts. Our emergency response center can direct emergency services to assist you globally, or our teams can provide support. TigerSwan GuardianAngel™ service is your personal crisis action coordinator both to enterprise, families and individuals.

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GuardianAngel™ smartphone app runs continuously in the background. Should you need assistance you can contact our emergency response center via email, text, or call. In case of immediate emergency you simply push the SOS panic button and one of our crisis managers will contact you to assist. No other security service offers the combined global operational expertise of TigerSwan.


incognito-mode100% Confidential – GuardianAngel does not collect any personal data.

Incognito mode when privacy is desired – We understand that there are times when you require privacy and do not wish to report your location. To meet this need, we’ve developed a proprietary “Incognito Mode” feature on our mobile app. Should you decide that you do not wish to report your location for a period of time simply press the “Incognito” button. (NOTE: hitting the panic button while in incognito mode sends your location to the emergency response center so that we may dispatch help).


24/7 Global Monitoring and response from Emergency Response Center – Manned by crisis management experts with access to the NENA 911 registry.

Emergency assistance – With a push of a button you are connected with an operator at our emergency response center who can direct responders to your location.

Emergency Push Notifications – Stay informed about acts of terrorism, crimes, civil unrest, natural disasters and weather with our mass notifications feature.

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