Opportunity is worldwide. Security is mission critical.

The world has changed. The difficulties involved with international work, travel, and leisure add an element of fear and uncertainty in today’s global society. The difficulties will only increase, but successful entrepreneurs and companies will continue to look globally for a competitive advantage. 

TigerSwan’s GuardianAngel is an exclusive, international-travel security program that enables you to secure your assets and conduct business with confidence, wherever opportunity may lead. Simply put, GuardianAngel allows you to cultivate valuable opportunities and participate in the global community without putting your reputation, your business, or your life at risk. Guardian Angel’s membership includes:

  • Issue of a discreet, emergency assistance beacon
  • Emergency assistance at the push of a button
  • 24/7 monitoring and personal security hotlines
  • Direct access to veteran Security Operators
  • Pre-travel threat assessments
  • In-country risk mitigation and emergency action plans
  • Data loss prevention and recovery

All of GuardianAngel’s services are 100% confidential and tailored to match your individual needs. Before you travel, we collaborate with you to determine the security package best suited for your safe transit and mission success.

24/7 Global Operation Centers

Our domestic and international Operations Centers deliver rapid client-to-customer support by providing 24/7 scrutinized monitoring and a direct line of communications to our security personnel. GuardianAngel’s Operations Centers are staffed by former military and law enforcement professionals with extensive experience and training in:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Providing Low-profile security solutions in high threat  environments
  • Calm, appropriate reactions to emergency situations
  •  Integrating on scene Emergency Response
  • Navigating host country cultural sensitivities
  • Facilitating communication and response between U.S and Foreign Governments

By continuously analyzing a wide array of security-related data and coordinating with local law enforcement and political agencies, our Security Operators paint an accurate picture of on the ground situations, provide situation awareness, communicate foreseeable threats, and effectively make time sensitive decisions to mitigate risks.

Whether protecting your property, your business reputation, or your life, there is no margin for error.

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