About Our Logo

The TigerSwan logo has significant meaning and background to the company. Our founder, James Reese, was conducting privation training after his first tour in Afghanistan on the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. After a week of hiking and navigating through extreme environments, temperatures, altitudes and miserable weather, Reese finished his trip in a beautiful mountain region called Swan Valley. Reese opened his map as he sat on a rock next to the Swan River. He noticed an old ghost town with dilapidated buildings and mines across the river that was simply marked on the map as the town of Tiger.

The symbolism of the two majestic animals after the difficult training was not lost on Reese. The Tiger and Swan represented the full spectrum of the animal kingdom while the environment he had completed training in represented the beauty and strength of the mountainous region. Reese took pictures of both the Tiger and Swan and placed them in a Yin-Yang symbol to show the range of operations his future company would possess with grace, humility and strength.